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Spring/Summer Issue of Northwest Review is now available! Yes, it’s, uh, July and not exactly “spring” anymore, so we’re calling it Spring/Summer. Current issue sells for $20 (and $4 shipping to any U.S. address is included; email editor at for ex-US shipping prices):

Current Issue Volume 50:03 Spring/Summer 2021

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Poems by: Kate Sweeney, Tyree Daye, Faylita Hicks, Joe Wilkins, Lory Bedikian, Derek Sheffield, Ann Hudson, A. Shaikh, Monica Berlin, Beth Marzoni, Cameron McGill, and Jose Padua.

Fiction by: LJ Pemberton, Maurice Carlos Ruffin, Kyra Kondis, Justin Noga, and Rachel King

Nonfiction by: Lauren Cerand, Mignon Zemp, Jacqueline Moulton, Keely O’Connell, Thea Swanson, Aaron Gilbreath, John Benditt

Art & Photography: Olivia Bee, Verena Raban, David McCarthy, Jamie Smith, Willy Conley

Translation: Eugenia Toledo-Keyser, translated by Erin Goodman

Interviews: Jonathan Escoffery, Xuan Juliana Wang, Gabrielle Bates, Sara Nović

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