Fall 2020

Fall 2020 is now available online. Scroll through and click on the author’s image to read their work, or head down the page to the full table of contents with links. And don’t forget to subscribe for Winter 2021!

8 Editor’s Introduction

17 Ezra Carlsen, For President
19 Justin Hocking, White Out: Erasing Trump
28 Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi, North Florida Sky, Alachua
30 Stephen Saine, Banjoman2398
37 Dez Savini, The Park Wall
66 Emerson Little, Shifting Sandstone
68 Uday Dhar, Dopplegaenger Series
78 Martha Nance, Lot 3, Wyoming
98 Reyila Hadeer, Distance & Wildflowers
126 Jayne Marek, Halibut Flow & Moon Snail Swirl
165 Rooster Fricke, Anciano & Anciana

24 Hilary Leichter, The Moon, the Sun, Some of the Stars
41 Paige Cooper, The Viper
70 Loren Edizel, Morning Fog
117 Andrew Grace, Said Gun’s Art of Dregs
132 Fulla Abdul-Jabbar, Something Very Beautiful

12 Micah Nite, Letter from Elmhurst Hospital, March 30, 2020
38 Jay McInerney, The Raymond Carver I Knew
108 Dawn Raffel, Four Lives

58 Sacha Idell, The Strangled Corpse by Kyūsaku Yumeno
138 Shelby Wardlaw, Cottage with Ghosts by Elena Guro

32 S. Tremaine Nelson, A Single Question Interview with Jon Black
79 Kelsey Motes-Conners & Emma Fricke Nelson, An Interview with Kate Baer
146 Hunter Liguore, The Voyage of a Novel in Verse: An Interview with Arthur Allen

16 CMarie Fuhrman, For the Good of a People
29 Natalie Shapero, Quick Love Note
35 Carrie Fountain, How to Have a Happy Marriage
63 Dujie Tahat, All-American Ghazal
64 Aileen Keown Vaux, Return to the Cities
65 Donika Kelly, Origin of the Mountain
67 Crystal A.C. Salas, the first night of no one
74 Jess Rizkallah, qtine thoughts (w/ a line from Psych lol)
94 Destiny O. Birdsong, My rapist explained even the water company gets a bill
96 Richie Hofmann, Mummified Bird
100 Heather Napualani Hodges, Seven Things Inside The Body Can’t Be Helped
105 Daniel Miess, Shopping at the Dollar Tree
107 Dorianne Laux, Sundays
112 Elle Heedles, Jam
113 Matthew Wimberley, False Memory
115 Katrina Roberts, Swathed
129 Debra Nystrom, Earliest Memory
131 Max McDonough, Night of the Bomb-Faced Boy
137 Robert Hunter Jones, My Mother’s Memory
142 Mehul Bhagat, Manchester
143 Alexandra Teague, The Rough Beast Goes to Outer Space
161 Roger Reeves, Mother’s Day
163 Britt Sanchez, I Imagine You
167 Travis Tate, Count the Wolves
169 Mary Szybist, No Regrets

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