Winter 2022 issue of Northwest Review.

Winter 2022


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Art & photography

  • David McCarthy, Yukon Tavern; The Morgue
  • Samantha Wall, Dark Matter (Universal Body 1–4)
  • Heather Sparks, Guild Lake, prior to 1905; NW Industrial District; Johnson Creek before 1934; Precision Cast Parts
  • Michael Montlack, Hitchcockian; Jelly Dancers
  • Josué Rivas, Collected Photography


  • Oscar Scholin, Look Up – Please, Please Do


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, Editor’s Introduction


  • Verena Raban, An Ekphrastic Response to The Waterfall and the Jungle


  • Danielle Decatur, Blacker Than Our Coffee
  • Amy Stuber, LittleWomen​House
  • Chris Stuck, Couples and Partners, Lovers and Friends
  • Ellen Rhudy, I Might Be the Wife™ of My Dreams
  • Mary Winsor, Flight Deck Algebra: A Grocery List

Graphic narrative

  • Parisa Karami, In Search of Lost Timex


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, A Single Question Interview with George Saunders
  • Nicky Gonzalez, An Interview with Kim Fu
  • S. Tremaine Nelson, An Interview with Destiny O. Birdsong


  • Derek Palacio, Halo
  • S. Miriam Merces, Keeping It in the Family
  • Evan Brooke, Mining for Rage


  • Hannah Dow, At 22, I Can’t Save the World
  • Didi Jackson, Storm Warning
  • Zachary Eddy, Smelter
  • Zachary Eddy, Without the Factory
  • Emily Nason, Sertraline
  • Devon Walker-Figueroa, Age of Steam
  • Lisa Russ Spaar, No
  • Alyssa Ogi, Smoke Haibun
  • Matthew Dickman, And Then
  • Matthew Dickman, Who On Earth
  • George David Clark, Midnight
  • Sara Michas-Martin, What Are We Doing Here
  • Sara Michas-Martin, Delivery
  • Abigail Hansel, Natural Causes
  • Bruce Snider, Our Father and the Machines
  • Bruce Snider, Factory
  • Catherine Esposito Prescott, The Tattoos I’ll Never Get
  • Catherine Esposito Prescott, Instruction: Our Next Lifetime
  • Maria Hummel, The Last Supper
  • Maria Hummel, Humans


  • Ricardo Wilson, ’thres-,hōld
  • Jose Hernandez Diaz, The Tattoo Artist
  • Jose Hernandez Diaz, The Waterfall and the Jungle


  • Fatemeh Shams, Deterioration; translation by Armen Davoudian
  • Ann Jäderlund, Ensamtal / Lonespeech; translation by Johannes Göransson
  • Mila Haugová, Plant Diaries; translation by John Minahane
  • Maricela Guerrero, Dates; translation by Robin Meyers
  • Maricela Guerrero, Breath; translation by Robin Meyers
  • Daniela Catrileo, From Guerrila Blooms; translation by Edith Adams