We did it. What a year.

We started in February. Then came the pandemic. Then came the death of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, and all the unnamed victims before them. Then came the unmarked Federal vans full of Trump soldiers. Then came the forest fires that closed our city for more than a week. Then came the election. Then came the refusal to concede the election. Then came the news from our printer that proofs were available. Then came the first copy of our relaunch. And, at last, for $24 (until we run out) you can order it here.

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Coming Soon: Relaunch of Northwest Review in Fall of 2020

We are now actively soliciting subscribers for our relaunch of Northwest Review. Subscriptions are available for $60 annually (includes three print issues). Donations of $200 will qualify for a half-page ad in the journal; $500 donations will qualify for a full-page ad; $1000 donations will qualify for the patron to be listed in the journal as a founding benefactor of Northwest Review. Subscribe here!

Debut Issue published Fall of 1957:

northwestreview issue 1