issue of Northwest Review.

Spring 2023


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  • S. Tremaine Nelson Editor’s Introduction


  • Kate Baer Good Time Mommy
  • June Coulter The Earth
  • McKinlee White Bandaid
  • Kim Stafford Inventory of Light
  • Hannah Dow The eye was not altogether unwelcome
  • Isabel Rudner One to One
  • Chad Abushanab The History of Grass
  • Daniel Kraft Prayer
  • Nathaniel Nelson A Good Old Boy Leaves for the North
  • Simon Archer Bronze Hearts
  • Nat Navedo To Survive
  • Yvie Jules Pacatang February 22, 2023: Petit Pilgrimage
  • Amber Scott Emrys
  • Anthony Thomas Lombardi ghosts in the studio where Amy Winehouse records her comback album
  • Dewey Fox Till You See a Street You Know
  • Ella Archer Shades of Green
  • Jeff Whitney The Summer of Beetles
  • Sanjay Yadav My Father Returns from Work
  • Tsering Wangmo Dhompa From Substitute Heart
  • Sam Bhargava I’ve Burnt Myself
  • John Mulcare What I Mean When I Mention Horses
  • Lily Someson Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Edinburgh Correctional Facility

Art & photography

  • S. Tremaine Nelson Portland is Paradice; Ankeny Street Nights; Blues Fest; Raven L’Artiste; Portland is Peace; Grandma Nettie with Her Boys; Leo Before Piano Lessons; Cousins on the Columbia River; The Bum in Baker City; Approaching the Hsi Lai Temple
  • June Coulter Lemon
  • Esmé Bolin Nelson Self-Portrait, Age 10; Miyumi and Ahsoka Tano
  • Adam J. Gellings Capri Lanes
  • Malachai Surratt The Conch’s Call
  • E.G. Cunningham Field Notes
  • McLean The Western Flammulated Owl in Knoxville, TN
  • Kylie Gellatly Moderation; Vinegar
  • Leo Paul Nelson He is a Sleepy Western Flammulated Owl; My Dad & My Sister in Palm Springs Near the T-Rex Off I-10
  • Leah Injerd Spring Mouse
  • Milo Coulter Untitled
  • Charter Weeks Manuel; Tonya; Kid with Painted Face; The Little Reaper
  • Elijah Injerd Fantasy Quest
  • Oliver Sawyer The Helicopter Tree
  • Cassie Steuerwald Mirror Vision; When I Watch Sunsets It’s With My Back to the Flames; Diddlymarsh - Texas Transgender Embassy
  • Raye Hendrix Bones #2; Bones #3
  • Debbra Palmer Lit Comix


  • Roald Dahl On the Purpose of Literature for Young Readers


  • Annabel Jankovic Haircut


  • Joy Castro, interviewed by S. Tremaine Nelson
  • Danielle Decatur, interviewed by S. Tremaine Nelson


  • Tallulah Ziffarelli A Place that Matters to Me
  • Osmond Gillette Untitled


  • Nikita Minkin Crow Keeper


  • Kate Wylie The Man Who Loved Everything