Spring 2021 issue of Northwest Review.

Spring 2021


Limited copies may be available by special request.

Art & photography

  • Olivia Bee, All Images Taken at Home on Heartland Ranch, 2021
  • Verena Raban, An Ekphrastic Response to “A Map of My Want”
  • David McCarthy, Laurelhurst; Sellwood Garage; Trains; The Yukon; Bridge; Waverley
  • Jamie Smith, Artwork
  • Willy Conley, Watergraphs


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, Editor’s Introduction


  • LJ Pemberton, Motion Sickness
  • Maurice Carlos Ruffin, Zimmerman
  • Maurice Carlos Ruffin, The Sparer
  • Kyra Kondis, Precautionary Tale
  • Justin Noga, An Inquiry on Croup
  • Rachel King, Pain


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, An Interview with Jonathan Escoffery
  • Kelsey Motes-Conners & Emma Fricke Nelson, An Interview with Xuan Juliana Wang
  • Kelsey Motes-Conners, Emma Fricke Nelson & Sarah Ulicny, An Interview with Sara Nović


  • Lauren Cerand, In Memory of Giancarlo DiTrapano
  • Mignon Zemp, Wy’East
  • Jacqueline Moulton, A Depressed Sisyphus* Watches The Sopranos in Bed
  • Keely O'Connell, In Wayward Water
  • Thea Swanson, My Christian Mother Is a Racist
  • Aaron Gilbreath, In Praise of Elevator Music
  • John Benditt, Memories of an Epidemic


  • Kate Sweeney, Live Lightly on the Land
  • Tyree Daye, A Horse’s Blues
  • Faylita Hicks, A Map of My Want
  • Joe Wilkins, Geomorphology of the Upper Great Plains
  • Lory Bedikian, This Ultrasound
  • Derek Sheffield, My Sister’s Laugh
  • Ann Hudson, June 19
  • A. Shaikh, Green Card
  • Monica Berlin, On Borders, November 2018
  • Beth Marzoni, Quarantine, Day 139
  • Cameron McGill, As a Door Slams Downstairs, I Consider the Forest in a Framed Photograph on My Wall
  • Jose Padua, Ten Poems to Write Before I Die


  • Eugenia Toledo-Keyser, The Objects; translation by Erin Goodman