Fall 2021 issue of Northwest Review.

Fall 2021


Limited copies may be available by special request.

Art & photography

  • Chris Russell, At the Nom Wah Tea Parlor; At Cuisine of Pakistan; At the East Broadway Won Ton House; At the Shao Kao Stand
  • Sidney Rouse, Practicing Heaven, 2021; Corporal Structure 1, 2018; Silo #6, 2020; Happy Chapter, 2018
  • Michael Sherman, Meta-Morphic: A series of 1000 head drawings in lithographic crayon on paper
  • Autumn Nidalmia, Orchard; Sharp and Soft; Motion in Stillness
  • Marisol Rendón, I Just Want to Give Myself a Little More Time, I Just Want to…; Milk Glass Fountain
  • Helen Robinson, Selected Works
  • David McCarthy, Sellwood Pool


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, Editor’s Introduction


  • Olivia Bee, Fire Season


  • Vasantha Sambamurti, All the Loving
  • Venita Blackburn, Thirteen Porcelain Schnauzers
  • Matt Lally, On Sabbatical
  • Kait Heacock, Girl Power
  • Michael Nye, The Bachelor


  • Kelsey Motes-Connors, An Interview with Sarah Perry
  • Emma Fricke Nelson & S. Tremaine Nelson, An Interview with Kate Baer


  • Fortsyth Harmon, The Well
  • Felicity Fenton, Plugged
  • J.A. Bernstein, ELEGY, 1991
  • Hadara Bar-Nadav, We Killed the Bed
  • Hadara Bar-Nadav, How to Avoid Baby Showers
  • Hadara Bar-Nadav, Snowflake is What They Call…


  • Mistee St. Clair, Found
  • Bonnie Arning, Fixed Custody
  • Shira Erlichman, Love, Whose Pronoun is We, Collect Me
  • Michelle Peñaloza, Sight
  • Christian Gullette, Salt Lake City
  • Susan Cohen, Science News: The Bubble Around the Universe is Shaped Like a Collapsed Croissant
  • Robert Wrigley, Hummingbird on the Wire
  • Elizabeth Bradfield, Origin Story: Re-Wrought
  • Carlina Duan, Bad Posture
  • William Archila, Double


  • Euphrase Kezilahabi, Rosa Mistika; translation by Jay Boss Rubin