Fall 2020 issue of Northwest Review.

Fall 2020


Limited copies may be available by special request.

Art & photography

  • Ezra Carlsen, For President
  • Justin Hocking, White Out: Erasing Trump
  • Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi, North Florida Sky, Alachua
  • Stephen Saine, Banjoman2398
  • Dez Savini, The Park Wall
  • Emerson Little, Shifting Sandstone
  • Uday Dhar, Doppelgaenger Series
  • Martha Nance, Lot 3; Wyoming
  • Reyila Hadeer, Distance & Wildflowers
  • Jayne Marek, Halibut Flow & Moon Snail Swirl
  • Rooster Fricke, Anciano & Anciana


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, Editor’s Introduction


  • Hilary Leichter, The Moon, the Sun, and Some of the Stars
  • Paige Cooper, The Viper
  • Loren Edizel, Morning Fog
  • Andrew Grace, Said Gun’s Art of Dregs
  • Fulla Abdul-Jabbar, Something Very Beautiful


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, A Single Question Interview with Jon Black
  • Kelsey Motes-Conners & Emma Fricke Nelson, An Interview with Kate Baer
  • Hunter Liguore, The Voyage of a Novel in Verse: An Interview with Arthur Allen


  • Micah Nite, M.D., Letter from Elmhurst Hospital, March 30, 2020
  • Jay McInerney, The Raymond Carver I Knew
  • Dawn Raffel, Four Lives


  • CMarie Fuhrman, For the Good of a People
  • Natalie Shapero, Quick Love Note
  • Carrie Fountain, How to Have a Happy Marriage
  • Dujie Tahat, All-American Ghazal
  • Aileen Keown Vaux, Return to the Cities
  • Donika Kelly, Origin of the Mountain
  • Crystal A.C. Salas, the first night of no one
  • Jess Rizkallah, qtine thoughts (w/ a line from Psych lol)
  • Destiny O. Birdsong, My rapist explained even the water company gets a bill
  • Richie Hofmann, Mummified Bird
  • Heather Napualani Hodges, Seven Things Inside The Body Can’t Be Helped
  • Daniel Miess, Shopping at the Dollar Tree
  • Dorianne Laux, Sundays
  • Elle Heedles, Jam
  • Matthew Wimberley, False Memory
  • Katrina Roberts, Swathed
  • Debra Nystrom, Earliest Photograph
  • Max McDonough, Night of the Bomb-Faced Boy
  • Robert Hunter Jones, My Mother’s Memory
  • Mehul Bhagat, Manchester
  • Alexandra Teague, The Rough Beast Goes to Outer Space
  • Roger Reeves, Mother’s Day
  • Britt Sanchez, I Imagine You
  • Travis Tate, Count the Wolves
  • Mary Szybist, No Regrets


  • Kyūsaku Yumeno, The Strangled Corpse; translation by Sacha Idell
  • Elena Guro, Cottage with Ghosts; translation by Shelby Wardlaw