Lot 3; Wyoming

Martha Nance
 issue of Northwest Review.

There is a place in Wyoming that we used to go to when we had children and they had cousins, and it was very different from the cities we all lived in. We had not been back for several years, but convinced our now grown-up sons to meet us there last fall. We went out for a walk in the afternoon and this scene appeared before my eyes. I couldn’t refuse! Perhaps the townspeople and developers would disagree, but I like this spot better as “Lot 3” than as a mansion for erstwhile intruders like me or a housing development. This was taken with my iPhone 6S, originally in color, but I like it better in B+W, which I think enhances the textures and the light, the mystery and endlessness of the place. There are people here, but the ratio of space and nature to humans is still relatively high.

Martha Nance is a physician in Minnesota specializing in Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease. Her nature photographs have been published in Tiny Seed Literary Journal, The Esthetic Apostle, and Wanderlust, among others.