Winter 2021 issue of Northwest Review.

Winter 2021


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Art & photography

  • Clare Fleming Staples, Alien, DNA, Transmigration
  • Rooster Fricke, El Cárabo Lapón, Pavel
  • Ariana Mygatt, Jal., MX 062919
  • Jorge Vargas, Portraits in Quarantine
  • Lee Nowell-Wilson, Maternal Current
  • Roger Camp, 2° East, 3° West
  • Mark McDonnell, Oaks Bottom, Sellwood Bridge
  • Ash Woodworth, Best Wishes From Afar
  • Steve Anwyll, Self-portrait, Friday November 13, 2020
  • Nina Montenegro, Against Forgetting


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, Editor’s Introduction


  • Alisa McFarlane, Highway Blue (an excerpt)
  • Anne Perez, Pigeons
  • Gil Adamson, Ridgerunner (an excerpt)


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, An Interview with Juan Gabriel Vásquez
  • Kelsey Motes-Conners & Emma Fricke Nelson, An Interview with J. Nicole Jones
  • Natalie Staples, An Single Question Interview with Rick Barot


  • The Majority Staff of the House Committee on the Judiciary, Materials in Support of H. Res. 24, Impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States, for High Crimes and Misdemeanors
  • Rachel Howard, Shaver Lake
  • Daniel Pollock, Haunted Home: on homeschooling, gothic literature, god,
  • Alia Luria, You Might Eat Organic, But You’re Still Full of Baloney
  • Cameron Thomas Snyder, Catching the Big One


  • Diannely Antigua, Diary Entry #34: Epigenetics
  • Brynn Saito, Self-Portrait Disguised as Stones
  • Christopher Morris, Plundered
  • Major Jackson, Ode to Everything
  • Corey Van Landingham, Aphasia
  • Emma Aylor, Cinema Egyptian
  • Marcus Jackson, Onlooker, Listener Whom I Can’t See
  • Alexis Sears, Hair Sestina
  • Joyce Schmid, Even the Air
  • Tessa Livingstone, Undersea Caves Seem Out-of-Scale to the Explorer
  • Brian Blanchfield, Salutatorian
  • Stacy Boe Miller, There Now
  • Andrew Grace, Extinction
  • James O'Bannon, I Wanted to Be Nowhere When I Grew Up
  • Joseph Millar, Ventriloquist
  • Erintrude Pieta, bitch
  • Ryan Downum, To Enact a Change in the Way I Talk to Strangers


  • Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain (an excerpt); translation by Susan Bernofsky
  • Gemma Gorga, Pigments; translation by Sharon Dolin