Fall 2022 issue of Northwest Review.

Fall 2022


Limited copies may be available by special request.

Art & photography

  • Nance Van Winckel, Voilà and Other Visual Poems
  • Mary Defer, Beach
  • Mary Defer, Citrus
  • Mary Defer, Porch
  • John Donohue, Dish Rack
  • Ezra Carlsen, Kissers in the Zócalo
  • Ezra Carlsen, Mother Drags Her Child
  • Ezra Carlsen, Van with Cracked Window
  • Gabriela Denise Frank, Kulshan
  • Gabriela Denise Frank, Octo-Blot
  • Gabriela Denise Frank, Pahto
  • Susanna Herrmann, Waiting Outside
  • Dev Murphy, Curves
  • Jacey Saige, Ship
  • Debbra Palmer, Lit Comix


  • Conor Eifler, Get Tall: An Epic American Yarn


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, Editor’s Introduction


  • Annesha Mitha, Feral
  • Beto Caradepiedro, Chombo
  • Lisa Bubert, #Reprint


  • Marianne Monson, In dialogue with Jericho Brown


  • Ander Monson, So Many Easier Ways to Hurt
  • Emily Utter, Poor Damned Bodies
  • Emma Scheerer, Cha-met


  • Kelly Gray, Oh please
  • Kate Sweeney, Mile Measurement Ends Here
  • Kate Sweeney, The day the EHT telescope discovers a black hole sits at the heart of our universe
  • Hannah Yoest, AMSTERDAM, 1980
  • Hannah Yoest, A WICKEDNESS
  • Leah Barco, Spinach Statistics
  • Leah Barco, Pop.eye(I)do
  • Leah Barco, Throne Alone
  • Constance Hansen, Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
  • p. hodges adams, Attention
  • Jose Hernandez Diaz, The Woman with Flowers in Her Hair
  • Derek Sheffield, The Issues of the Day
  • Derek Sheffield, What it Feels Like
  • Luke Johnson, Witching Stick
  • Derek Mong, The Period at the End of This Sentence
  • Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, From “Substitute Heart”
  • Alice Friman, The Road Not Taken
  • Gabrielle Bates, Saint of Ongoingness


  • Pablo de Rokha, Prayer to Beauty; translation by Alani Rosa Hicks-Bartlett
  • Saadi Youssef, I’m Probably Repeating Myself; translation by Khaled Mattawa
  • Gabriela Aguirre, Untitled; translation by Laura Cesarco Eglin
  • Fadhy Mtanga, Life Struggles; translation by Jay Boss Rubin
  • Elsa Cross, From “Collapse”; translation by Susan Ayres
  • Agamenón Castrillón, Bus Ticket; translation by Laura Chalar
  • Stéphanie Ferrat, From “Skyside (Notes from a Studio)”; translation by Marissa Davis