issue of Northwest Review.

Winter 2023


Limited copies may be available by special request.



  • Miklós Vámos an excerpt from Mother’s Nature (translation by Ági Bori)
  • Mona Kareem The National Library (translation by Sara Elkamel)
  • Ma Yongbo The Swing; Went alone to watch a Soviet movie on a cold winter night (translation by The Ginling Collective)

Graphic narrative

  • Parisa Karami Eleven Days of Agatha Christie


  • Susan Leslie Moore Can’t stop the world from coming apart
  • Janice Leadingham The Gods Who Bless and Sanctify Your Abortion
  • Leah Barco Partner in Crime
  • Sara Henning Starry Night Over the Rhône (1888)
  • Heidi Seaborn Buried Memory:
  • Po Bhattacharyya The Likely Histories Of Paul and Paige
  • Reuben Gelley Newman Disappearing Act; Flood-Tide
  • Jared Joseph Ye Rustic Inn, October 10, 2022
  • Maegan Gonzales Yielding Season
  • Prince Bush Shooting
  • Hajjar Baban LOW FLYING PLANES
  • Quincy R. Lehr Show Me Where It Hurts
  • L. S. Klatt Ohio Department of Transportation
  • Tamara Panici holy ghost poem, or, poem for the slaughtered
  • Cynthia Parker-Ohene Loose the Bells
  • Erin Hoover excerpt of Forms and materials
  • Matthew Wimberley A Letter
  • Muriel Nelson God’s Dander

Art & photography

  • David McCarthy Sellwood Gentrification; Last Stand at the Riverside Corral
  • Veruš Villangó (No Title); Dreams with the Fishes; Satyr at the Arcade Gameroom; Itwasalongday + Dog, Sensitive Cat; Sensitive Cat; Karmic Slippers; Búék / Srečno / Merry 2023
  • Coyote Shook An Illustrated Guide to Demons of the Appalachian South
  • Nadia Arioli Rehearsal Dinner
  • ATLamar The Rose Portal; The Western Flammulated Owl
  • Harley Cowan Anchorage at Gipsvika; Moonrise Over Esmarkbreen
  • R. Mac Jones Woman in Patience
  • Debbra Palmer Lit Comix


  • Kayleigh Hughes Bathtubs, A Diptych
  • Jessica Hendry Nelson An Impossible Mercy
  • Justin Taylor Standing in the Doorway -> Craft Talk -> Jam -> Craft Talk -> Not Fade Away



  • Joy Castro A Bit of Fun
  • Margie Sarsfield Den Mother