Editor’s Introduction

S. Tremaine Nelson

Leadoff: I would like to thank someone, who has chosen to remain anonymous, for the stunning new website we now have the privilege of calling Northwest Review’s online home. They are not on the masthead, and they prefer to create their works of art without any need for recognition. Thus, I’m using the opening paragraph here to say: thanks, “Blade,” you did good. NWReview.org

Second: we had a stunning review of our debut title THE PORTLANDERS by David McCarthy in our local paper of record Willamette Week. Thanks to Chance, Mick & AZ for the ink. And shout out to Brianna Wheeler for the podcast time AND for hanging out with us at AWP. [Fist bump].

Third: we’re just weeks away from announcing our second feature-length book, and some of the writer-artist’s work appears in this issue; skip ahead to the ninth inning, here, if you can’t wait.

Clean-Up: the current issue, now in your hands, feels gritty, urgent, at once ominous but playful, sort of veering into what used to be called “genre” but in my mind is just “literature.” Let the language do the work; and, Reader, dispense with your preconceptions of Form or Style.

Fifth: I am more concerned now, than ever before, about the uncertain role that artificial intelligence will have on the future of fiction. Read Jonathan Lethem in dialogue with Oscar Scholin — an original interview first published here — on the future of A.I. and literature.

Sixth: we need to start raising money — like for real. I have no background in non-profit fundraising, and it’s not one of my strengths, and it’s now time to start asking for help. This is the mailing address of Northwest Review: 111 SW 5th Ave, #3150, Portland, OR 97204. If you’re an old-school Oregonian like me, you might remember the building by its original nickname: “Big Pink.” Every little bit counts. Send us ten bucks, please. Or twenty. No amount is insignificant right now. Paper is getting more and more expensive by the issue. But there’s nothing in the world like seeing your first poem or story in print. Nothing. Believe me.

Seventh: I feel like the best defensive catchers usually hit seventh. Looking at you, Tyson Beachwood, wherever you are. Hit me up for a bullpen sesh some time.

Eighth: Natalie Staples, Jordan Griffin, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Dawn Raffel, Leslie Hinson, Max Putnam, Atina, Palmer, and Verena Raban…AWP was so fun. Thank you. Thank you.

Ninespot: we’re thrilled to announce the Summer 2023 publication of REYNA DE LA TIERRA by frequent Northwest Review contributor Parisa Karami. The book features original graphic short fiction, a melange we’re calling a “graphic short story collection,” and I am pleased to report that Parisa’s collected work is not only facemelting but hilarious. Seems pretty crazy that Parisa’s work just showed up in the slush one day — the work of a genius. Nice eye, B.

Stay tuned, y’all.1

–S. Tremaine Nelson
Portland, Oregon 3/25/23

  1. If you made it this far, you’re here for my final fundraising plug. Send me an email at editor@nwreview.org if you’d like to set up a call to talk about sponsoring one of our books or taking out a full page ad in an upcoming issue. I love chatting Northwest Review so hit me up. ↩︎