Spring 2022 issue of Northwest Review.

Spring 2022


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Art & photography

  • Ashley Weeks Cart, The Cocktail Party
  • Mark Milroy, Greek Mythology
  • Kevin Sampsell, All Shook Apart, A Sheepish Return, and I Don’t Know How to Play
  • Michael Sherman, Selections from Meta-Morphic
  • Ben Miller & Dale Williams, it all melts down to this: a novel in timelines (excerpt from chapter 7)
  • Debbra Palmer, Poetry Gag
  • Autumn Nidalmia, Hand Holding Flower
  • Autumn Nidalmia, Hands with Ring
  • Autumn Nidalmia, Woman with Rings in Button Down Shirt
  • Verena Raban, Western Screech Owl
  • David McCarthy, Sellwood Bridge
  • Iñigo Auza de la Mora, Untitled


  • S. Tremaine Nelson, Editor’s Introduction


  • Erin Connal, Red Tide
  • Krista Jahnke, Little by Little
  • Lynnette Widder, Things, A Feint
  • Neema Muneer, The Treacherous Toes
  • Bud Smith, Teenager (an excerpt)


  • Erin Connal, An Interview with Katie Kitamura
  • Natalie Staples, A Single Question Interview with Dilruba Ahmed
  • Amy Gustine, An Interview with Julia Philips



  • G.C. Waldrep, Reckoning of Numbers
  • Rebecca Lehman, The Moons of Pluto
  • Samantha Crain, An angry lake and the setting sun and the earth and me
  • Ralph Salisbury, Concerned about My Heart
  • Elinor Ann Walker, Sestina (A Ghost Story)
  • Seelai Karzai, Notes on Measuring Time
  • Jane Zwart, Secondhand
  • Daniel Anderson, Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio
  • Dan O'Brien, New Hampshire 3
  • Dan O'Brien, Worry
  • Jennifer Clarvoe, Today’s Laundromat
  • Jennifer Clarvoe, Loss is Mere
  • Adam Gianfocaro, Postcard Sent from Underwater


  • Kang Jijaedang, Elegy for Chuihyang’s Daughter; translation by Suphil Lee Park
  • Pietro Federico, Oregon; translation by John Poch
  • Tomasz Różycki, On the Origins of “Euromaidan”; translation by Mira Rosenthal
  • Tomasz Różycki, Euromaidan; translation by Mira Rosenthal
  • Tomasz Różycki, Mirror; translation by Mira Rosenthal
  • Tomasz Różycki, Virus; translation by Mira Rosenthal
  • Silvia Ferrara, Brad Pitt; translation by Todd Portnowitz
  • Marilia Arnaud, Excerpt from The Secret Bird; translation by Ilze Duarte
  • Óscar Hahn, A Pensive Drowned Man Sometimes Drifts Downriver; translation by G.J. Racz
  • Álvaro Lasso, Devórame Otro Vez, 1988; translation by Kelsi Vanada
  • Álvaro Lasso, Force of Destiny; translation by Kelsi Vanada
  • Álvaro Lasso, United Left; translation by Kelsi Vanada
  • Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir, Herostories; translation by K.B. Thors