Hand Holding Flower

Autumn Nidalmia
 issue of Northwest Review.

One of my favorite things in any type of photoshoot is to focus on something the person I am photographing doesn’t necessarily think I’m focusing on. This is not done as an attempt at deception–rather, it is an attempt to capture something genuine. As a result, these detailed shots are often the ones which feel most personal and human when I look at them; the accidental beauties of being. These three pictures are all from different shoots and each shoot with a different intention. The shot picturing a woman with ringed fingers on her collarbone was shot on a 35mm film camera–my favorite medium. This shot was taken during a boudoir shoot in the spare bedroom of my house. The shot picturing a hand holding a daffodil is a digital taken during a senior portrait shoot. The last photo was taken during a portrait session in the woods.

Autumn Nidalmia is a rock climbing, pickle eating, coffee fanatic who loves nothing more than dancing with life. She is passionate about poetry as well as photography and dabbles in as many art forms as she can juggle (juggling is not among them).