Iñigo Auza de la Mora
 issue of Northwest Review.

I am a computer scientist and animator graduate from Bennington College. Raised in México, I often find inspiration in traditional art and culture from my home place. I’m interested in the medium of photography as a means to explore a variety of topics ranging from naive curiosities to intricate emotional challenges. Through photography I find the means of exploring “that” that we cannot express with words. From vast imposing landscape, to childhood memories, and abandoned dorm rooms left in a hurry by rushed students. Keen to the advancement of technology, I often get involved with alternative processes, such as the use of UV or infrared light.

Iñigo Auza de la Mora was born in Mexico City, in 1998. His family moved a couple of times, and settled in San Luis Potosí. Iñigo would live and study there until he received a scholarship to attend high school at United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After graduating, Iñigo moved to the United States to complete his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Animation at Bennington College.